#100CodeExamples – PL/SQL Objects: Basics of force-sensitive beings

I dived into object-oriented programming in PL/SQL a while ago due to utPLSQL and also used it several times for my normal work meanwhile.

This powerful feature of the PL/SQL language is highly underused and therefore I want to create some examples around it in hopes to show some of the advantages objects in PL/SQL have to offer.

Let’s assume we want to implement some behavior for force-sensitive beings, whose most prominent representatives are, of course, Jedi and Sith:

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#100CodeExamples – PL/SQL BOOLEAN to INT

One of the main annoyances of Oracle databases for me has been its lack of a BOOLEAN SQL-Type.

Yes, BOOLEAN exists in Oracle, but only inside of PL/SQL, not in the SQL context, which means that you can’t select a boolean type and also can’t retreive it via JDBC.

The simplest way to overcome this is to have an easy way of converting BOOLEAN to 1/0 INTEGER – and there are several possibilities to do this:

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