Agile development, Refactoring and Clean Code has changed the way application development is done during the past years (or already decades).

Unfortunately I see the database development community stuck behind those changes – and I don’t think that’s a good thing.

Challenging myself to improve my database development with the principles of Clean Code and Agile development I will write down my experiences and try to give tips and examples as part of my personal reflection.

Join me on my journey!


My name is Samuel “pesse” Nitsche, I am husband, father of two amazing kids and a passionate software developer.

I started developing around 20 years ago, but it took me some time until I found my love for pragmatic, clean programming – normally in object-oriented programming languages like Java, but recently also in PL/SQL and TSQL.

I take care for the java-API and CLI of the great utPLSQL unit-testing framework for PL/SQL since autumn 2017.